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I am so sorry to disagree with you. I would like you to share where you get the idea that only the smell reaches the other apartments and not the smoke... what do you think is carrying that smell into the adjoining apartments? I have not smoked now for more than twelve years. During these twelve years, I haven't lived near a smoker. I moved last year without thinking about the exposure, and then about six months ago a heavy smoker moved below me. My first symptom was my cough and the mucus that was continually present in my lungs. I suddenly started suffering from sinus infections, one so bad that I ended up in the emergency room. I had no idea what was happening and neither did my doctor. I have also suffered from two colds that I had trouble shaking. One evening I noticed that my nose and eyes were stinging and my lungs felt like they were being squeezed and I had horrible wheezing. I was confused, but I realized that I could taste cigarette smoke in my mouth. It was then after these symptoms that it dawned on me that the man downstairs and his ever-present company were smoking so heavily that I was being effected.

I went to notify him of my concerns and his apartment was so full of smoke I couldn't see a foot inside the door. To see if my assumptions were correct I got on the internet, spoke to my pharmacist and doctor and all agreed that I had to take immediate action. I contacted my landlord and he notified the man who refused to do anything because it wasn't on the lease. Well, there was something on the lease and that was the fact he agreed to not impose on his neighbor. It was justification to eject him.

The mucus in my lungs is now brown.... I am currently suffering from asthma and constant cold-like symptoms with severe headaches. I am reacting not necessarily to the smoke, but the poisons that are seeping into my apartment. I know when he is home by my body's reaction to his filthy habit. I have a very expensive wooden, floor modal of air freshener that goes 7/24.

He is moving tomorrow and my apartment building is now designated as smoke free. I will never, ever live in an apartment building where smoking is allowed. My sorrow is that it took me nearly four months smoke exposure to realize what was happening to me and another two months until he left. I am seriously worried if this damage is permanent. No one has the right to expose other people to the horrible effects of their habits.

January 2, 2013 - 12:02pm


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