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I have not been on bc this month due to insurance switching.. And we plan on having kids soon anyways. But my period is due the first week of December, I have been having slight cramps and spotting just when I wipe sometimes! But twice (within days of each other) I've gone pee and the water looked pink from some blood and like a light flow when I wipe then but after that Nothing it doesn't continue. I'm not sure if this is implantation bleeding or just messed up from not being on BC. My nipples are a tiny bit soar but not bad, and I don't have to pee every second like all the sites say. I've taken a test it came out negative.. But still might be to early to tell.. So idk I'm new to all this just wondering if you can still be pregnant w/o the having to pee 24/7 the fatigue isn't bad but I get hot flushes here and there.. Is all this normal!?

November 22, 2016 - 6:03pm


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