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My name is Elaine Plummer and I am an R.N and one of the Always women's health experts. The guidance and exercise tips offered in this article will, no doubt, help many women manage their urinary incontinence issues. However, despite one's best efforts, some women will still have leakage. A product I recommend to help manage that is the Always Leakguard with Odor Lock. Along with absorbing fluids fast, the Odor Lock is a a unique technology that continuously absorbs and neutralizes odors. Odor control is important to many women, along with absorbency, when they are dealing with the frustration and embarrassment of incontinence.

As you said in the article, incontinence can impact women in so many negative ways. It is sad to think that some even avoid social activities because of it. Since multifaceted approaches work best, I hope some women consider these pads, along with their exercises and seek professional help to manage their incontinence.

May 14, 2012 - 11:58am


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