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I am 33 years old with pcos and endometriosis. I've been on metformin for years to help regulate my periods and have been having normal, clock work cycles for years. My husband and I have tried to get pregnant for years, including using fertility drugs, to no avail. Due to this I have not been on bc since I was 20 years old. We have experienced 4 miscarriages so far and each one was very painful (physically and emotionally).
Every month I have pms symptoms about a week and a half before I start and cramp/bleed heavily for the 1st few days. This month I did not have any symptoms or cramping and it lasted about 4 days (usually 7-8 days). 2 weeks later I passed a large blood clot (have been since my 1st miscarriage in 2001) and started bleeding again. This is completely out of character for me, even with pcos. I'm also not bleeding regularly. I'll bleed for a couple hours and then it stops for about 12-14 hours.
Any suggestions as to why I started a 2nd cycle?

March 28, 2016 - 12:02pm


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