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Hello.. ^^
I can go by the name of Claudia.
I just want insights about my current situation.
I didn't have my period for the whole Month of May. It started on the first week of June and I was wondering why I keep bleeding over 14 days. After the second week, my bleeding reduced to small droplets in my pad which then lead to alternate days of having drops of blood in my pad or no drops at all.

I don't have a right ovary anymore. It was removed when I was 10 (Right now, I am 19 years old), because of ovariancyst. I'm going to see my doctor soon, but I just want to know about factors that could be affected. Does this mean, something's up with the ovary I have left? Would I still be able to get pregnant?

June 24, 2017 - 9:02pm


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