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I agree. I also tend to over eat when I'm troubled. Obviously, that's the main reason why I'm fat. I've been big since birth and I have been bullied for about a million times and I never seemed to move on from loser-ville. Most of the people suffering from depression aren't aware that they are depressed and the only compensatory mechanism they know is to eat for comfort.The key of the matter is having the awareness that your depressed. Once you know that there's a problem, being aware will help you think of a sound solution. I'm no psychologist but I have personal experience. It's true that venting out and having support groups is a big help. Having real people who've been in your shoes and understand where your coming from. People who could empathize your situation. That's how I've learned to let go of my emotional baggage. I've dealt with how to have control over my emotions as its the culprit that causes me to become bigger due to over eating. I have also been offered to take diet pills just like that of Prescopodene. While taking the pill, we also have these gym sessions so on a nutshell, these support group helped me to become the new me.

June 30, 2013 - 8:45pm


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