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Thank you I will not self medicate any more until I see the Womens Health Centre. Its just that everyones experience of genital warts on the internet and various support sites have really scared me and so many people have said that the medicines like burning, freezing, topical creams and cutting dont work, cause a lot of pain, cost a lot of money and the warts grow back quite quickly (with cutting out). This is why I tried self medicating because of the positive responses to Apple Cider Vinegar all over the net. I know I will get through this. It is just the mourning Im going through in advance. I havent told my partner (long distance) about my accident so I am having a lot of denial and hatred for myself. And I feel like I found my soul mate and now Ive ruined it and I will never find anyone that will love me again or ever be able to have sex (and oral sex) ever again! Whats the point of living if I cannot have a normal love life? I want to get married and have babies and now I feel I have ruined everything. If it doesnt sound like warts what else could it be? I had warts on my hands as a teenager (unrelated obviously) and my doctor put me on Cimetidine (Tagamet) tablets and that supressed the wart virus. Could this work for genital warts? I have read online peoples success from this.

July 6, 2012 - 11:00pm


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