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First of all thank you for this site! The tip about Progesterone is going to help a couple get pregnant fast. I know this because these are the same tips i followed after i found some information online that practically saved my life from http://getpregnantfastreviews.com

After being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and one year on contraceptive pills we started our clomid treatments from April 2011. I ovulated all the the times and everything was fine but it just never happened...we tried taking breaks in between but nothing ...finally this month I decided that I wasn't taking unpregnancy as an option!! after reading about the specific nutritional and lifestyle changes i need to make from the information i found online i'm proud to say that i'm finally pregnant now i'm my 3rd trimester!! feel so lucky and blessed but nervous as well...it just seems unreal after so much of struggle....so many sleepless nights of my husband and I feeling complete despair. I am keeping my fingers crossed ..Baby dust to all of you !!


Limit your tea/ coffee intake to once a day.
No aerated drinks and diet coke is a big NO.
Avoid hot showers!
Read everything you can on getpregnantfastreviews.com

July 23, 2012 - 9:39am


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