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My brother has had symptoms of west Nile. Debilitating headaches, cognitive problems, pain so bad he can't work. Fam is a,most gone. Spinal fluid test came back negative. But headaches continue. They are concerned he won't be covered for disabikity as tests have not been conclusive. However he can barely function the pain is so bad. I'm wondering if he has encephilidis now. Sister said CAT and MRI were also inconclusive. He has no history of Migranes & up to the past few months healthy and active. Tray are running big out of options. Only one headache specialist in our are and he doesn't specialize in migraine. Specialists at UC Davis won't aee new patients won't emergency referral. Any help or ideas. He's so desperate ! It's heartbreaking...

May 11, 2017 - 10:17pm


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