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I have several cysts in my breasts. Every once in a while they become sore and inflamed, but then go down in a few days. I have found that drinking Chamomeil (sp?) tea helps to keep the flare ups down to a minimum. Only once about 10 years ago was one so bad it needed to be drained. Since then, I just deal with them and in a couple of days they are gone. I seem to have become a cyst making machine since I turned 50...........UGH. The first one worried me as it was so sore and was the first one ever (and I do have family history of breast cancer on my mom's side), so I ran to my doctor to have it checked out and that was when I discovered that if it is sore, it is a cyst and will go down on its own. If it doesn't then a doctor can easily drain it in the office. At least that was my experience.

September 12, 2012 - 12:32pm


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