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Stomach bloating could possibly be symptoms of ovarian cancer...

in such cases, bloating is the result of ascites (excess fluid in the peritoneal cavity) induced by the spreading of millions of ovarian cancer cells that have developed past its early stages... for months, my mother unknowingly carried around with 5 liters of this fluid... lumbering into hospitals trying to figure out the cause of her sharp abdominal pain and frequent urges of urination...

because of misdirections and the lack of ovarian cancer awareness in the medical communities, physicians my mother sought repeatedly failed to recommend a vaginal ultrasound test, which might have detected the darn thing much earlier... the regret of delaying the proper diagnosis has continue to haunt our family.

it is important to note that 90% of early stage ovarian cancer victims survive past their 5th year... whereas over 50% of late stage ovarian cancer victims die within five years...

ever since my mother was finally diagnosed with late stage three ovarian cancer (epithelial/serous), I've created a nonprofit website that promotes cancer awareness through nutritional guidance... what we eat on a daily basis greatly impact the onset risks of our dormant mutating cells, especially for those with genetic predispositions for cancer... this has been scientifically proven in many large-scale studies time and time again.

For the sake of your mother, daughter, wife, or sister, if not your own... take one minute of your time to educate yourself on ovarian cancer... early detection may prevent an arduous cancer battle for the family... or spare the life of someone dear to you: http://woktoss.com/?p=12826

October 22, 2012 - 4:37pm


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