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Or ...try my patented alternative...makes life easier PLUS you won't have to RELY on purse , boot or bra to keep things you REALLY need. YAY! PortaPocket is a hands-free carrying case system which helps you lose the worry...not your stuff. Super comfy & multi-functional. Works on thigh, calf, ankle, arm or waist and under or over your outfit. Its's detachable, interchangeable & easy to use. Consists of a lightweight neoprene band upon which you attach any of a selection of removeable pockets. Simply wrap the band around your area of choice, and off you go! Also works on bike, stroller & wheelchair frames too. Perfect for use while working out, going out, travel, & everyday. Ideal to carry ID, cash, cards, keys, cell phones, lipstick, tampons, ipods cameras, passports, inhalers, insulin pumps, EpiPens, more. Use 'em solo or even WITH that stylish purse/bag to keep more important items CLOSER. In original black or beige, & now sparkly new *bling!* styles for those who want a dash of fashion with their function ;) Smart, affordable, convenient. And no cell emissions by the chest (pockets are off the body as the band & pocket thicknesses will add separation). woo hoo! 2-3 pc Kits ~$17- $32. Makes an excellent gift. Certified WBE. On a mission to help people help themselves. xoxo http://www.portapocket.com

November 28, 2012 - 11:58am


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