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This is the first article I have read about the DSM changes that address them in a civilized manner. I applaud you for not falling into the trap many journalists have falling into just to get a click on their page. Not only did this article present facts instead of made-up 'facts' to support the writer's opinion, it addresses the real importance of what the goal mental health professionals have:

“For very competent clinicians, the changes really mean nothing as this is more for insurance companies than the folks in the trenches doing the work,” Shryer said. “We shouldn't be treating labels but concerns and symptoms in the patients we see.”

Many articles have come out scrutinizing the new DSM and those articles are the ones written by people who do not understand the severity of the new illnesses interjected. As a sufferer of the skin picking disorder, it has been a victory to finally have a severe problem addressed in the diagnostic manual because it opens up funding for research to learn about more effective treatment methods. It also raises the awareness and allows sufferers to admit this without as much shame to their therapists.

Again, bravo and I will share this link tomorrow on my Facebook Fan page to give hope to sufferers that there are articles that do not mock the inclusion of these very real disorders.

Angela Hartlin

December 6, 2012 - 10:39pm


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