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Long post alert! [sorry :)]
I thought i should come back here and share about my experience with postinor 2 as it may help someone. I know i needed help after taking it for the first time last month. In my case, i had unprotected sex on day 5 of my circle(14th Oct-right after my bleeding stopped). My boyfriend went all the way. [At the heat of the moment]. Out of concern that i might get pregnant, which my bf and I aren't quite ready for, we decided that I take postinor 2. The following day, after about 20 hours i took the 1st pill, then the second pill after 12 hours. Three days later, I experienced some light bleeding, which got a bit heavy on the following day. The bleeding lasted about 4 days. My next periods were due on 5th Nov. By 3rd Nov, i was experiencing cramping, my breasts were sore, i felt nauseated constantly (esp in the morning) and i believed that i was pregnant. To make matters worse, i missed my periods on 5th. That was the beginning of panics. For the next 6 days, my periods were still no show and i was all over the internet looking for explanations and some form of assurance. On day 7 (12th Nov), i decided to take a urine test. It showed i was negative. I think this made me a bit relaxed. So, today, knock! knock! My periods are back. So, for those of you out there panicking because you missed your periods after the pill, i'd advice you calm down. Just wait, and take a test soon as you can. I believe the bleeding after taking the EC pills messed with my normal periods. Good luck.

November 13, 2018 - 6:03am


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