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The reason you're seeing so many negative reports from the FDA and pharma is because bio-identical compounds CAN'T be patented, which means no big bucks by cornering the market. So of course, it has to be killed off - especially since so many studies out of Europe and other parts of the world show it's safer, more effective and helps prevent a host of diseases we all take pills for today.

Bio-identical HRT changed my life. I was already sick due to hormonal imbalances, developed ovarian tumors, and was then thrown into surgical menopause at a relatively young age - my ovaries removed in two different operations, so I still have my uterus.

I was beyond sick, didn't respond well at all to synthetic HRT. In fact, I felt worse and could barely get out of bed, string a coherent thought or sentence together, couldn't sleep, gained a huge amount of weight, no energy, no libido, just felt awful. Doctor after doctor basically told me it was all in my head or just something I'd have to get used to. By the time I found my current doctor, I could barely function at all.

Today, I'm healthy, happy, and feeling better than I have in years!

April 29, 2013 - 2:32pm


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