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I contracted MM as an adult. Like typhoid, The lives in the throat of the carrier, who probably has no idea they are Meningitis Mary. If your immunes are down and you sit close to a carrier on the bus...boom. You start to experience flu like symptoms, headache, sleepy. My saving symptom was the inability to touch my chin to my chest. The inflammation of the meninges causes the fluid the thicken and the patient suffers a stiff neck. That's the tell tale signal . MM is serious and it may be necessary for certain people who have been exposed to the patien to go on preventative therapy. The common treatment of IV antibiotics is effective yet leaves the weakens system prone to candida amongst other unpleasant and lingering side effects.

The take away , be diligent in taking care of self
Eat Well, exercise & build your immune system. Take your probiotic and check in with yourself regularly , when in doubt about any cold or flu symptoms, get the to thy Dr.

Amy Eller, CHHC

April 26, 2013 - 4:35pm


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