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I think it is wonderful that Angelina shared her story for other women to learn from her experience. However, I it is not as simple for all women to go into a doctor's office and ask that he order a gene test.
In my experience I was told that you needed a concrete reason to do so. I had already gone through a mastectomy and the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, my mother had died from ovarian cancer, and other members of my family had gone the breast cancer journey themselves. Therefore, I was a good candidate for the test.
However, it is not available to all women, this should change. It should be just as easy to get as is a PAP smear. Why shouldn't there be a preventive measure for women? And the knowledge for our daughters and our granddaughters? Knowing if this gene is being carried is an important medical history for the future generations. Isn't preventive medicine more logical? There are so many young women finding out they have cancer these days, prevention might be another option they could have had.

May 16, 2013 - 10:59am


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