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I have to admit, when I meet other 40-something (and over) woman not on pharmaceuticals and still in good physical shape...it is a very rare occasion. In fact, I just met my first one, the other day! I told her..."I knew there was at least one other woman in my age group who isn't on pharmaceuticals!" I won't go into speculating why so many women in their 40's have already given up keeping themselves fit, only to warn any reading this, we do have the potential to live another 40-60 years in this body, and, if you have girl children, your example is the one they will most likely follow later.

Don't get me wrong. I have an eating disorder. I believe it was societally inculcated as I spent my Junior & High School years in the 1980's version of Public Schools...So, maybe the culture does horrible things to women, but, women are giving up, too. I do not get treated like I'm a bag of dirt when I go to the doctor, but, I go in already updated...and usually self diagnosed. I also read an article at one time, a doctor's secret advice, that doctors are more likely to want to treat someone that actually takes care of themselves in the first place. I very rarely go to the doctor...so...I have to make sure I take care of myself. I've noticed most people that go to the doctor all of the time, do not for some reason. My other secret? I pretend I'm as smart as the doctor!

I wonder what the parents of these now 40+ women did to them to make them not want to care for themselves beyond another beer or cigarette or loaf of wheat bread...so...to those women who are all downtrodden, take a moment to consider why. Then, take pride in the work (whatever it is) your body has done for you, thus far, and, do something to make yourself feel better...even a simple walk around the block does wonders. I don't know what else to say, except that from my experience on routes...many a person on pharmaceuticals for long periods of time, develop second, significantly meaner personalities...I can keep up conversations with both...but the mean personality is very mean...I wonder what those totally legal drugs are doing to the brain of such an addicted person to cause them to react in such pain as to develop second personalities?

July 6, 2013 - 5:11am


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