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Please be very careful and mindful of other relationship issues that involves both of you! Things I am saying is certainly not to incite you by any means but just put some frank ideas of reality on the subject! Too often people are HURT because somebody else is playing them for a novice. When you truly care about a person your guard is normally down and you just aren't mindful of polluted ideas; BUT sometimes it just best to think self preserving! MEN do not normally turn down their WOMAN if she is all the sex he's getting! Make sure he doesn't have any sexual issues (which if he's masturbating probably he doesn't)! My first question after inquiring about the medical, physical and emotional problems: IS THERE SOMEONE ELSE? Make sure you are not taking care of a man on the other end who's giving his goods to another person not limited to a female! Not falsely accusing but just placing food for thought! Because there are lots of reason and if the two of you are engaged then communication must be open, careful, clear and without question!

January 14, 2014 - 8:49am


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