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I experienced many things at night (though not sleep paralysis). My husband said he heard me talk in sleep and saw me set myself on bed plus some other alike things (though no walking). It doesnt happen all the time. Even I woke up with my hand in the air (dreamt I was shaking hand with someone) totally paralysed in that hand so I had to put it down (on the bed) with my other hand. It happened to me that I woke up because some of my body part (leg/hand) twitched. Furthermore it happens to me that I have it hard to sleep at night and I wake up hearing some noise. It can occur a few times at night, noise is usually medium to quite loud and different. When I wake up I'm always free to move with my body and really angry - not scared. I get angry that something woke me up while I barely managed to fall asleep (or almost do it). Sometimes I also see things (unusual) in my room when I wake up. It can be connected to waking up from noise or just that I wake up opening my eyes and seeing things in my room. Things I see usually look like holograms, like I saw disco lights in my ceiling. I thought once I heard noise and woke up seeing my husband on the side of bed. I got pissed and then I noticed he was half transparent and dissapeared - it was like still dreaming while I was awoke because my husband was sleeping next to me. I got angry as usually. I don't get scared (even when I saw hands sticking from ceiling or myself like if I was in the other side of room) but I get angry as it is my reaction to sudden situation usually during daytime.

I get these night problems from time to time but I remember I had them as teenager aswell. Sometimes its connected to stressful situation in life so I have hard to sleep and then I tend to sleep and wake up seeing things that dissapear soon after. Sometimes though I dont find any reasons to why this things happen as I have no stressful situation in life. One common thing is that during that nights I almost always have hard to fall asleep though I am not 100% certain that weird things didnt occur when I had easy to fall asleep. One more thing is that I sleep deep so when I actually fall asleep I am not easly woken up by noises or it takes long time (heavy rain with thunder rarely wake me up). I wish I could diagnose this but I dont go to doctors as they don't care to help unless things are life threatening and as I beleive it isn't I don't feel need to take their time. I'm quite sure there is more people like me but their cases are never reigstered. One downside is that I can wake up very tired...

April 11, 2015 - 12:03pm


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