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I love this post. I am someone who massively suffers from sensitive skin and SO many ‘manufactured’ type products just cause me to break out and get all blotchy and gross which is why I'm always constantly looking for different ways to help reduce this and get that 'glowing complexion' vibe I've always wanted (while also trying not to spend an absolute fortune). I'm going on holiday this summer with my boyfriend and I've been really stressing about wearing a bikini because parts of my skin just always seem to be blemished so I'm really trying to improve my skin before then, so articles like this are always a massive help. I love the idea of using sugar as a scrub -
it's such a simple but cost effective idea! Do you knew of any specific types of healthy products I could use to help clear up my and improve my skin (bearing in mind I have super sensitive skin)? I'm actually currently using Forever Living products because they're natural products and so work really well on my skin. Here's a link to their Facebook page if anyone interested. However I'm still constantly on the look out for different products, and especially with my holiday approaching I am super keen to sort my skin out once and for all so any advice you could give me would be massively appreciated!

April 24, 2017 - 2:39am


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