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Hi Anonymous and thanks for bringing your question to EmpowHER.

There are many possible reasons for breast tenderness. Many women experience nipple and breast sensitivity as a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, just before their periods, due to water retention in breast tissues. This happens after ovulation and stretches the skin, which can make the breasts and nipples tender.

Another cause, which may surprise you, is wearing the wrong size bra, which puts pressure on the breasts.

Other causes include hormonal reactions, responses to medications, breast infections and breast cancer.

You may want to try an anti-inflammatory medication to see if that helps with your breast tenderness. A proper bra-fitting may also help, especially if you are growing and think your size may have changed. Wearing a good support bra will be very helpful. 

If you take those steps and continue to have soreness, or if the soreness does not seem to be tied to your menstrual cycles, or if it worsens to the point were you are experiencing pain, it would be best to get checked out by your healthcare professional to determine the cause and get the support you need.

Hope that helps! Will you let us know what you do?


October 15, 2014 - 5:34pm


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