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Dear FawadOo,

Thank you for joining the EmpowHER community and for sharing your question. I am sorry to hear that you are having such problematic symptoms. 

I am glad that your MRI and CT scans were normal, but it just seems like there has to be something else causing these symptoms.

Low blood pressure can cause headaches.

The opposite of high blood pressure, is low blood pressure, or hypotension. This means your blood pressure is lower than what is considered normal, but it may be normal for you.

Hypotension headaches are also called orthostatic and occur when changes in the blood pressure of your head occur dramatically. If you bend over and suddenly move upright you may experience a painful headache. Once triggered, it presents itself just like most other headaches.

It is important to diagnose the underlying cause of your hypotension, with testing your doctor may discover one of the following underlying causes:

Spontaneous intracranial hypotension

Post-dural puncture (resulting from spinal tap or spinal anesthesia)

Cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) fistula

Other symptoms of intracranial hypotension include:

Diplopia or double vision


Blurred vision

FawadOo, I think your doctor owes you a bit more of an explanation for these symptoms. Having blurred vision, not being able to remember friends names and the numbness you are experiencing are real symptoms and your doctor should diagnose you. 

There are many different conditions that could be causing these symptoms from a chronic ear infection to diabetes.

I am not a doctor, so I can't really say what it could be. I suggest making another appointment with you doctor to get the answers you need. 

Will you call your doctor?



January 7, 2015 - 12:21pm


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