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Dear Marni,

Thank you for reaching out to the EmpowHER community and for sharing your questions.

I am not a doctor, but I can certainly try to help answer your questions based on what I know about Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs).

First, I highly doubt that you are pregnant after taking Postinor2 several times. The spotting that you are seeing is normal and you should expect to see irregular bleeding and a change in your normal period. Irregular bleeding can occur for the next two to three cycles.

Secondly, I want to warn you about taking ECPs this frequently. The medication is VERY strong and will affect your periods. It should only be taken as an emergency, not as a form of regular birth control.

If you plan on having sex, you need to talk to a doctor about preventative birth control options- not using the ECP as a sole form of protection.

You can read this article that I wrote on Emergency Contraception

If you take a pregnancy test, you will know if you are pregnant. I wouldn't be able to tell you over the Internet. 

If you are pregnant, Emergency contraception (EC) will not harm a fetus.

Did this help Marni?



January 23, 2015 - 1:58pm


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