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Hi Kristin-

Original poster here. Thanks for your help before. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely out of the woods it seems. I took two more tests on February 5 and February 18 and both were negative. I started my placebo pills on Sunday and typically start my period Mondays or Tuesdays (i.e. today or tomorrow). This morning, I felt exactly as I do whenever I start my period, went to the bathroom and saw that I had started my period (red blood, normal flow etc.) However, I noticed about an hour later that my flow had completely stopped and I occasionally get a very light red/brown substance when I wipe. My breasts and particularly my nipples are a bit sore but absolutely no other symptoms than that. Should this be worrisome or is it possible it's all just premenstrual symptoms?

February 23, 2015 - 6:01pm


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