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I understand your situation better now.  I'd like to give you more insight to help you make a good decision.

You know what is best for your child and yourself.  You are very smart, education women.  You simply desire a good husband.  Loving your ex-husband however, will not change him.  I believe you already know what to do, you simply can't escape the need to have a relationship.

It is dangerous for you to think he is the only man for you.  He is not the only man for you.  I submit that you may find a loving husband (the kind of husband you want) with someone else.

The desire for a partner in life is a natural need that many people have.  When this part of your life is filled by someone you feel complete, even if that person is abusive to you. 

I venture to say, you do not miss the person your husband is: the hitting, control, violence, anger etc. The danger of accepting your husband back into your life is that you will enable him to continue treating you wrong.

Let me urge you to transfer your attention to the things that actually fulfill your life such as your degree, education, and family. 

Do not go back to your ex-husband simply to fill the need to love him.  He will continue to hurt you and your family no matter how much you love him.

I wish you all the best.


February 15, 2015 - 11:17am


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