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Most UTIs in males occur in the first year of life, and even then it takes 195 circumcisions to stop one UTI (the number of complications including iatrogenic UTI will outnumber the infections prevented). Circumcision is not appropriate for disease prevention or in any other situation except for recurring infections which cannot be treated less invasively. These are extremely rare and less than 1 in 16,000 adult men in non-circumcising countries ever has a condition for which circumcision is indicated.

Circumcision can also increase HIV infection by altering behavior and introducing new infection pathways that compensate for those theoretically removed. The actual reduction cited in the African studies was 1.3% and those studies involved other prevention methods that were not accurately accounted for. The stat claiming a 60% reduction was the result of a simple math trick by an FGM supporter named Brian Morris. Morris believes that FGM increases pleasure and that Louis' VXI's foreskin caused the French Revolution. He is involved in a circumcision and FGM fetish club that includes convicted pedophile Vernon Quaintance.

The UN International NGO council has also stated that child circumcision a 'gross violation' even if the HIV claims are true.

How circ can increase HIV: http://www.publichealthinafrica.org/index.php/jphia/article/view/jphia.2011.e4/html_9

UN Int'l NGO Council: child circ a violation: https://www.crin.org/docs/InCo_Report_15Oct.pdf

"It's all mutilation" - Gloria Steinem, Germaine Greer, Soraya Mire (FGM survivor), Alice Walker:

Circumcision and FGM are equally wrong:

April 16, 2015 - 11:30pm


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