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Hello and thank you for using EmpowHer,
I'm sure you have done plenty of research.
However, you need to consult with a professional before performing injections on yourself. The internet is not always the most reliable place.
You need to ask a professional if you should even be combining Emu Oil and Zhu mi. And, you need to find out what the proper ratio is, where to inject it, how often, etc.
Without the proper information and equipment, you are at risk of many complications even more serious then Lipoma that will effect your entire body.
In conclusion, fat cells do not naturally spread in an even patten naturally when caused by injections. You will have much more success getting a bigger, more natural looking butt (without any risk) by getting a good butt workout routine and sticking with it. Besides, a big butt is more attractive when firm, not fatty.


July 25, 2015 - 10:52pm


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