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Hi Susan,

I don't know what to think I got the procedure done.
I had an incident prior, to being sedated which was
Unpredictable, but the procedure went well there was very little pain or bleeding(I was so relieved) I thought
It would of been very painful. Afterwards I asked twice
About what transpired I was ignored. I also asked
If they knew anything and how things looked I was told the doctor would see me in recovery. He didn't.
Nor did he contact me afterwards. (Thought it was bizarre) after a week he called only to inform me that
There was no tissue/sample for the biopsy. He also asked that I go into the office for a endometrial biopsy
Instead of doing it in the O.R. Again . They don't know if the sample ever made it to the lab or if it was dropped in the O.R. I'm not understanding why it would of taken a whole week for the lab to get back
To the doctor to let him know they didn't have a sample. The good news is there was no tumors or polyps present. Everything looked good. When I mentioned at least that's good news he said he can't
Be sure everything's normal. So my question is what do you think and about what happened and
After a DandC is their enough tissue to scrape to see if other conditions are present such as endometrial hyperplasia? also how long until a new lining builds up and another period happens?

November 7, 2015 - 10:08pm


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