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Hello and thank you for choosing EmpowHer,
I love to give you helpful input on the matter.
Each one of these herbal supplements have different reports about their side effects.
People who have used Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Pain-Rx 90 Tabs on a regular basis generally report no side effects. Himalaya Organic Mucuna/Kapikachhu as well, does not have any known side effects. Rhodiola on the other hand, can potentially cause many different side effects, although there isn't sufficient enough evidence for them. These effects can include: bladder cancer, depression, fatigue, anxiety, tuberculosis, stress-associated heart disorders and more.
With that being side, you must keep in mind that even though the first two claim no side effects, that can change if you are taking more than one medication and herbal supplement at a time.
Hence, if you want to take more than one at a time, I suggest you ask your doctor if it will cause any side effects from the combination.
Let us know if you have any more questions.

October 17, 2015 - 10:29am


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