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This article is most troublesome for me. As Dan Booth Cohen, a psychologist who practices off-the-grid, says that there is much grief and frustration with the entire mental health care system. In his experience as a clinician, including my own clinician, many emotional and behavioral difficulties have their roots in generational trauma and I tend to agree with this - we know that we can override genes with all the research on neuroception; and as he says the fundamental false premise in psychology and psychiatry is that our brains produce all of our conscious content. It is ground on which psychiatric medication and most validated therapies stand. And...it is a false belief which is refuted by hundreds of research studies. we are encouraged to think of ourselves as 'sick' is so the doctors can claim jurisdiction. I think that social formations that organize us to live separate from one another, even me from myself - and language are important and how we speak of 'mental distress and suffering' instead of 'mental illness'
Big pharma and media and social institutions stand to make great profits and we are encouraged to think of ourselves as "sick" in order for doctors to claim jurisdiction. I think that we need to be present to one another in an authentic manner at every turn in our lives and build relationships that are nourishing and provide validation of who each one of us is - a sacred being with unique gifts to bestow upon one another with loving compassion.

December 17, 2015 - 6:14pm


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