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I grew up with a sister who suffers bi-polar.
Catch 22 is, unless she admits to her G.P she is sick, she wont get the proper help she needs.
I have spoken to the doctor and I'm treated as though I'm over reacting.
Even though I have told her what it's like, having grown up with a sibling with Bi-polar, still,no help.
She has lived with my parents for 15 years, now in her fifties, Dad passed away, now she is a constant stress for my elderly Mum.
Its hard for families too...no one listens...bi polar sufferers can be incredibly charismatic to the public eye,but so voilotile and angry at home.Its like living with a volcano that your not sure when it will explode.
Horrible for them, but, let's be real, bloody awful for family too.

December 17, 2015 - 11:14pm


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