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I have lived with bipolar disorder my whole life. As they don't like to diagnose it till you are 18+, as I was. I am now 44 and final found a combination of meds that work for me about 5 years ago. Daily life is still a constant struggle. I tend to be more on the depressed side and it is so debilitating. I don't function well in the world and tend to stay at home unless I really need something. I hate what this disease has done to me, but unfortunately have only found temporary relief. I still have to change meds around constantly to keep them working as the body becomes "used" to them and they no longer work effectively. I can not work and no longer can enjoy the things I like to do. I struggle everyday just to do the things that need done around the house. My family has suffered right along with me, often not knowing how to deal with my mood swings or my lack of self-control. I don't wish this disease on anyone. It is so disruptive and destructive to all concerned.

May 30, 2016 - 3:24am


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