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Anonymous (reply to Valeria Clarity)

Hi Valeria, I find that the lime (or lemon) doesn't provide short term relief (it actually burns if it is too strong, hence the water) it is a gradual process that changes your body from more acidic to more alkaline (basic). I believe this is why hot lemon water and alkaline water is so popular too. I used to have a terrible time with alcohol, wine (esp red), coffee and sugars and processed foods - they all gave me terrible heartburn. Sorry if line or lemon didn't work for you, but maybe try a month long trial to see if you notice a difference? You might have some other issues beyond what I did, but my heartburn was crippling at times and I lived on Rolaids and Tums. My life is so much better now after a 3Xweek dose of lime water. Best of luck, I certainly know your pain ; (

February 12, 2016 - 7:18am


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