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An emotional affair may seem excitingly refreshing and a big ego booster to you. But it won't be "just words" and "all fun and games" to your significant other when you are found out! And believe me they will catch you - either by accident or by detective work. And when they do, your real world will get turned totally uPsiDeDowN in a matter of moments! To them it will be betrayal of the worst kind. Not physical, but emotional. And when a person feels betrayed emotionally, it destroys all trust. And if you are currently in a fairly stable relationship with your spouse, you will sadly regret ever venturing down this slippery slope. Even an emotionally charged "fantasy sexting affair" can undermine and destroy everything you have worked so hard to build with your real-life partner! So here's my personal advise to any who are pouring their thoughts and energy into an emotional affair or online fantasy sexting... JUST END IT!! DON'T GO BACK! DON'T EVEN LOOK BACK! It will be much less painful than the real crushing heartbreak you will experience if you loose the one connection with the one person you really love and care about - the one person who really loves and cares about you! Once you have cut off the connection with that untouchable "Dream-Boat", focus your attention and emotions 100% on your mate! Emoji them all over with Real Love! Apply generously the "Golden Rule - Do to others what you would want done to yourself! Trust me - The real life rewards you will receive for doing so will far outweigh any temporary gratification you may currently be "only thinking" you are enjoying with some "fantasy lover". GM

March 4, 2016 - 12:57am


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