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Few months out from 6 years together. Have lived together for nearly 4. Have always gotten along great with no unusual oddities. But one day I learned that I’m infertile and divorce and separation become a very real and very scary possibility. But we saved our marriage thanks to Biotexcom reproductive medicine center. We used surrogacy and now we have two gorgeous twin boys. My husband great at parenting and I’m happy seeing him like this. But I’m still afraid him to left me for another fertile young woman. It’s just horrible to suspect him everytime he got out of the house. To check on him, his phone. I turned into homemade spy. I even meet with all his colleagues and their families. I become perfect sit-at-home wife and pretend being happy. I mean I am happy but living in a fear. Infertility is a difficult diagnosis but I guess living with it is no easier. Thus we should support each other and make other be more aware of this disease.

May 4, 2018 - 6:32am


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