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Shortly after giving birth I had 8 months of severe allergic symptoms very similar to what you have detailed. I visited 7 doctors, and had 6 rounds of allergy testing. In April I was diagnosed with allergies to 27 different contact allergens. It has definitely been an adjustment. I continue to flare up from products that are supposed to be safe, but it has gotten considerably better than prior to my diagnosis. I can't imagine dealing with that for 10 years. Thank you for sharing your story! It helps to hear there are others out there. I am going to ask about getting tested for the progesterone dermatitis. I have another autoimmune condition, and the dermatitis was most severe while I was breastfeeding (we breastfed to a year.) Have your symptoms gone away completely? Do you still run into allergens? Thanks!

August 3, 2017 - 7:50pm


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