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I agree with what u said. Menopause coincides with a time when family and motherhood duties have waned, with actually better career stability, thus incurring less psychological stresses. It is v important to keep those positive aspects in mind. The problem is however, the escorting hormonal imbalance and resultant hot flashes, are in most cases torturing, and at times debilitating. In the latter case, unfortunately, they leave no space for any little joy, of sleep, and pain-free living. Allow me to disappoint ur optimism, hinting at my experience in menopause.
Much optimism as I started out with, thus elected to face hot flashes unarmed save with endurance, my symptoms left no place for optimism, not even a smile. I was continually " flashing" with invalidation, excruciating electrifying pains, tears, sweat, and spittle, peaking at the crux into multiple daily lunacy bouts, seizures, literal gasping and apnea. It has taken me already thirteen years to exhaust hot flashes which paradoxically only grew me stronger. In this regard, I am almost rejuvenated while waiting to efface the " almost" from my writing to remain with only " rejuvenated". Of course, I am not a prototype, but certainly an extreme and rare case, and really don't know why my menopause was so unearthly, while I am a physician practicing " on earth". Truly, I learnt much hormonal biochemistry about menopause in medical school, but never understood how crucifying it could be until I fell a patient. Yet, to my knowledge, the significant suffering incurred in most women at this period imposes oblivion to whatever benefit this phase brings about.
Thanks so much, in all cases, and I indeed believe we have to hold on to ur words, until we surmount this harsh period, much insurmountable as it may seem!!

May 29, 2016 - 5:13pm


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