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It is worthwhile with these health problems to have your genes tested. I, too, had many of these symptoms for 30 years, although not as severe, but very debilitating. Upon testing my genes, we found that I have defects in several genes, including the DVR gene which affects how I metabolize vitamin D. Vitamin B12 is also a problem, and I have a double polymorphism of the MTHFR gene that affects how I break down synthetic folic acid (not very well), the manufactured version of folate, a B vitamin. So I now take large doses of vitamin D, B-complex and methylfolate, a bioavailable form of folate that my body can use. My most severe problems began in 1999, with the government-mandate supplementation of most grain products with synthetic folic acid--excess amounts of this substance floating around in the blood, since they are unusable for people like me, create a number of health problems. Now that I have gotten all of these things in balance, I have my life back, at 57. The change has been nothing short of a miracle. My husband says it's like I woke up, after suffering for nearly all of our marriage. I still have some muscles soreness and hobble around for a few minutes after waking up, but overall, no complaints. There are now more answers for those of us with a CFS diagnosis, and it's worth it to pursue new avenues. No doctor I ever saw, and there were many of course, was able to figure out what was wrong with me--I figured it out myself through many, many hours of online research. I used 23andme.com to get my genes tested and used an online program that interprets the raw data. My doc has been very supportive and I think has learned a lot. Genetic medicine is the wave of the future.

July 7, 2016 - 8:32am


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