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While I never had any sleep paralysis bouts earlier, in my peri menopause I knew well what they were. I would lapse into stupor during day time ( also had narcolepsy that I could not resist) then while waking up, my eyes would be open and I would be unable to speak or move- just watch with my eyes, needing around 15 minutes to resume moving capability. I do understand that because my brain was severely affected at my estrogen depletion- as I had seizures and gasping daily. I did not have any hallucinations or hear voices. This is in concordance with the benefit gained from antidepressant use, as at menopause serotonin is affected by estrogen depletion!
Currently, after 13 years already of hot flashes consummation( on no treatment whatsoever), this is not happening anymore, and the seizures and gasping concomitantly markedly ameliorated, pointing to brain hormones correction.
Maria Jasmine Freeman, published author.

July 24, 2016 - 1:00am


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