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Hi Anon,

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with EmpowHER! It's not always easy to share a health story and I'm so glad you shared yours to help others in our community.

That's great that you have stayed active and have learned how to manage the skin condition.

Have you noticed any breakouts using certain skin care products like lotions, sunscreens, etc.? What kind of skin products have you had to use?

I wanted to share a resource with you called SkinSAFE that helps patients find skin products that are healthy and safe for their skin: http://skinsafeproducts.com/

It sounds like you have gotten the condition under control for the most part, but this site might be helpful if you are concerned about what products to use. SkinSAFE works in partnership with Mayo Clinic to provide the most comprehensive data base of skin care products and ingredients. We rate products based on how free they are of the most common allergy-causing ingredients. You can even scan products to see how safe they are for you.

Again, thank you for sharing your story!


October 29, 2016 - 3:51pm


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