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Hi Anon,

Thanks for sharing your question, and welcome to the EmpowHER community!

To start, since you are a virgin and have not yet have sex, it is impossible for you to be pregnant. A wipe cannot get someone pregnant. Actual sexual intercourse must occur in order for a pregnancy to occur. I hope that eases some fears.

It sounds like the wipes may have causes a little bit of irritation. Sometimes ingredients in products, especially if they are scented, can affect people in different ways. It sounds like they may have caused a little reaction to you. But there is no way that can cause pregnancy.

You mentioned that you have been traveling and that you also gained a little weight. Travel can sometimes affect our bodies in different ways and the bloating is most likely from the weight gain and maybe eating more foods.

A variety of things can also cause changes to our periods, including stress, travel, medication, weight loss and gain, and birth control. It's very possible the combination of travel and a little weight gain have affected your period.

There is no reason to worry about pregnancy at all though. There is zero chance you are pregnant if you have not had sex.

I'm glad you shared your question with us - EmpowHER is a safe community where we are happy to discuss and answer these questions. If you would like to learn more about what causes pregnancy, I recommended checking out these articles on our site:





October 29, 2016 - 3:37pm


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