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Granted, life is unfair and things don't always turn out as we'd expect. On one level, we all have to 'suck it up' when that happens. But then, how bad do things have to get before you can say. This is really hard and people should respect your grief, even if they don't quite get it .My wife and I had been married for 17 years before she became pregnant with our one and only child.
We used IVf program in reproducing center in Ukraine. We went through some uncomfortable situation, like 3 hours of waiting in a crowned corridor or hotel room next to newborn baby. But the result was worth it. All I can advise is, If someone is diagnosed with a terminal disease, the best support is helping them come to terms with and accept the reality and to enjoy their remaining time. But apparently the best thing one can do with someone whose body is unable to reproduce - which is just as natural an occurrence as dying - is to ensure they don't come to terms with and accept reality; all whilst trying not to say the wrong thing because their already damaged feelings might get hurt. And you wonder why people don't want to talk about the subject.

November 21, 2016 - 12:29am


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