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(reply to Maryann Gromisch RN)

Hello Maryann,

Thank you, again for your answer to my question here. Hmm interesting because here I thought that your answer would be the opposite of it. Guess, I was wrong about it. I do plan on giving it more time before moving on because theres some that I can relate more then others. Theres not so much in my area regarding these kind of programs offering beyond alternative/s that I'm seeking. In meantime I do need a day program to keep me occupied because either my family and/or me had no such luck keeping myself occupied. It also includes an other day program that I tried after my 1st to 3rd hospitalizations, but in the it was figured it wasn't for me by all of the staff, my family, and others. It was only for one diagnose/s regarding depression, anxiety, and/or other mental illness/es as well. In which had no luck in finding other one that fits my needs until this came along. After, 4th to 7th hospitalizations and it came with glowing reviews during 7th one. Especially, one of the social workers there worked there as assistant director of the program until she went into the hospital. At first when both my twin sister, me had the initial meeting, and intake interview was perfect. Until I started it and it also coincided during my period and etc. Plus, this day program also the offers going into the beyond community, vocational training.

November 18, 2016 - 3:41pm


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