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Hi, I had unprotected sex with my gf but I did not ejaculate in her and this isn't the first time, I normally get for her Postinor 2 the single dosage andwe never worry but this time it only had the two tablet dosage,, she took the first one about 20 minutes after we had sex and the other was supposed to be taken 12 hours after or 16 hours for the latest. She felll asleep and took the second tablet exactly 16 hours after, I've read different forums that once the first is taken before 12 hours the pill will work and some peoples cases are more Serious then ours and it worked for them , the second can be taken same time, but yes she took the first one in perfect time and the other 16 hours after I know that the pill will work still but she is worrying and when she is worried it worries me, yes a chanin effect , but I want to know will be okay and not get pregnant? I definitely know I did not finish in her and she too the first tab. 20 mins after and the second 16 hours after so if anyone can help me out that will be perfect , thank you all so much

January 27, 2018 - 3:44pm


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