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So my gf and I has sex about 3 weeks ago, I didn't eaculate in her, I pulled out and 10 mins after I ejaculated (not in her). And she took the postinor 2 pill, first one two hours after sex and the other one 16 hours after, about a dew days went and she experience some bleeding, very unusual bleeding! No pains, really only breast pain nothing serious but bleeding was weird, she took a preg. Test a week after the bleeding started and it was negative , that's the saturday 9 of feb2018 and the bleeding stopped withing a few hours of taking the test , funny , now monday she went on a hike and she told me she was running up hill intensely not letting herself rest properly to catch her breath and when she went to pee after, upon wiping she got pink blood or spotting, , this was alarming again. she told me today Wednesday 14th fed, valentines day, about lunchtime she went to pee and when she wiped it was red, no dark not pink ,but she bled so now we are very very worried, please anyone can help and has an idea? Please , she has no pains at all, its not heavy bleeding , there isn't any odor since she started, stopped and started back bleeding , so we are so ever confused and worried sick please someone can you help

February 14, 2018 - 6:30pm


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