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Hello Helena,
I had sex with my girlfriend for twice in a row on 25th May with both times wearing condom, this is around 2-4 days before her ovulation. But however, after the first ejaculation, I took the condom off and change it but while changing I've accidentally touched the penis
and touched the condom. There's no ejaculation inside her. We didn't have doubts at the first place but start worrying after one day and took Postinor 2 around the 40th hour. Days later she had a heavy bleeding. Then, 5 days before of her period (14th of June), I only rubbed on her vagina without penetration.Today is 18th June, four days late and her period has not yet come, we are both worried right now but is there a chance of getting pregnant?

June 17, 2018 - 5:54pm


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