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After 3 years of lower back pain, doctors, pills, needles, surgery, therapy, I had, had it! I was so desperate to end it all. The lowest point I had a gun in my hand. Then I remembered if you leave this world before it's your time (by your hands) you come back and do it til it's done right. My great-grandma told me this. So, I gave the gun to my friend and said hold on to it.

Then my oldest daughter said, "Mom try this." Now, I sleep at night and no sleeping pills. I don't take pain pills, sleeping pills, anti-depression medication. My health has improved, I feel better about myself, looks and I have my self esteem back. This amazing product my daughter sent me was Herbalife. I am a believer in this product, you have to heal the inside before you see the outside glow.

I now help my daughter with her Herbalife business. Their is thousands of people who love the holistic way of gaining and losing weight, sleeping, restless leg syndrome (which I have after 6 nerves being pinched in back). My daughter suffers from Fibro. you can read her story on My Space

I tell everyone about holistic healing after what I've been through, there is alternative treatments besides western medicine.

April 3, 2008 - 1:31pm


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