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Hello Anonymous and thanks for your post. You seem to be asking if the ablation procedure is necessary. You've stated that you had a CT scan and two radiologists reading the scan saw abnormal findings. The diagnostic expert stated  your results indicate you have renal cell carcinoma. The diagnostic radiologist has advised the use of Radiofrequency ablation or RFA, a technique which uses high-energy radio waves to heat the tumor. A thin, needle-like probe is placed through the skin and advanced until the end is in the tumor. Placement of the probe is guided by ultrasound or CT scans.The heat destroys the kidney cancer cells.I know from personal experience that learning you have cancer is not easy and I understand why you would question this. You may want to seek advice from your primary health care provider for more insight. For in depth information on this procedure, including the risks, please read the following report from the National Institutes of Health. We wish you the best possible outcome in the days ahead. Best, Pat


June 11, 2018 - 9:29am


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