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Hello, Arumour. Thank you for posting today.

I'm sure this must be difficult for you. I don't believe having Autism increases the chance of a person cheating. I'm sure it would be less hurtful, and easier to forgive, having something to blame his behavior on, but in doing so, you might be doing a disservice to yourself. Personally, I could not forgive (let alone forget) the above actions. This is different than a one-time flirtation. This seems to be a pattern of sorts, a desire for certain types of women and sexual acts. He says he has never acted on any of this. But can you be certain?

You need to ask yourself some hard questions moving forward. We all have a limit as to what we can or are capable of accepting. Only you can speak to yours. No matter what you decide, be good to yourself. You deserve to be happy.

I hope you will keep us updated.



June 24, 2018 - 12:09pm


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